Manu Pedroletti | 2015.04.27

Vilnius Airport: the fastest growing in Europe

Yes, the Lithuanian capital has the fastest growing airport in Europe. The news comes from an Italian news website called, which takes info from the international website (which made a list of rankings based on the growth of European airports). nuotr.

According to the article, during the period 2010-2014 Vilnius Oro Uostas has increased its traffic flows by 94%.

The Italian website continues by saying that this trend is common to all of Eastern Europe, but that Vilnius has had the largest growth.

The articles quotes Gediminas Almantas, managing director of Lithuanian Airports, who said this result is a big achievement for the whole country and a clear signal of the job well done so far. According to Almantas, the growth has been much larger than the neighboring countries and Lithuania should be proud for this opening to international routes.

We have talked recently about the potential Vilnius has regarding tourism. Last week we called the Lithuanian capital a ‘Land of Tourism’. This is another confirmation of this trend which indicates that the city is becoming more and more desirable for international and national tourism.


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